Building The Body

Only the essential steps in creating the body will be described. All steps not shown are combinations of previously described techniques.

Step 01

Select the vertice at the bottom of the head.

Step 02

Select bevel and move to the desired position.

Step 03

Move the face normal.

Step 04

Extrude, then scale.

Step 05

After doing multiple extrudes, select an edge loop.

Step 06

Select move, then normal.

Step 07

Move faces, edges, and vertices until you get the shape you want.

Step 08

Hold shift and press Z to see the model from the left side. Select 3 faces.

Step 09

Press Z and you can see the opposite side. Switching back and forth from Z axis to negative Z Axis(Shift+Z) can help to make the same selections on different sides easily viewable. This works best with the model is centered on the X axis or Z axis.

Step 10

Find a good angle to look at the model. Use look mode(ctrl+right click) to find the best angle(s).

Step 11

Press shift+tab to see the model. This helps to recognize what areas may need more work.

Step 12

Select the face.

Step 13

Now is a good time to save. Go to the menu and select file, then save as. Select create a folder if a 3D folder is not already created. The new folder created will be highlighted and outlined in a box. Rename to 3d. Select the 3d directory and open. Name the file and save.

Step 14

Select the face on the opposite side of the model. Then extrude normal.

Step 15

Select flatten, then z.

Step 16

Extrude normal multiple times.

Step 17

Use edge loops, then scale uniform.(using edge loops, then move normal has a slightly different effect)

Step 18

Connect vertices and recreate the bottom that once once there.

Step 19

Select two faces and move normal.

Step 20

Do similar techniques of extrude, moving points, connecting edges/vertices to create the legs as had been done to create other parts of the model.

Step 21

Select smooth shaded preview to look at the results.

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