Basic Techniques

Right Click
Camera Mode
Smooth Shaded Preview

Step 01

Use the right click of the mouse button to select a sphere

Step 02

Select the faces. They are indicate by red or yellow.(Notice the selection is balanced with the X Axis.)

Step 03

Select move, then normal.

Step 04

Turn on look mode(Ctrl+Right Click). When satisfied with the angle. Press the left mouse button. Press space to cancel the selections.

Step 05

Select the vertice. Select Move, the Normal.

Step 06

Move vertice until it reaches a desired point.

Step 07

Select edges.

Step 08

Move Normal.

Step 09

Move edge until it reaches a desired point.

Step 10

Press Shift+Tab to see a Smooth Shaded preview.


Now press W to see a cage. The blue cage shows what the model looked like before it had been smoothed.


To really smooth the model. Select the body.


Press S. Then press space to deselect. Notice each 4 sided polygon has been cut into 4 smaller polygons.


Hit tab. Notice that the shaded preview looks identical to the previous smooth shaded view from before.

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