Intermediate Techniques

Extrude Region
Multiple Undo

Step 01

Select the two polygons. Select extrude, then normal.

Step 02

Move the faces until it reaches a desired point.

Step 03

Scale faces.

Step 04

Undo multiple recent actions by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Z until all signs of extruding are gone. Select the two polygons again. Select extrude region, then normal. Notice the two polygons are not separate.

Step 05

Select the bottom faces. Select extrude region, then normal. Now select previously extruded faces.

Step 06

Select scale, then uniform.

Step 07

Select faces.

Step 08

Select flatten, then X.

Step 09

Notice the faces are now parallel to the Z axis and the faces are perpendicular to the X axis.

Step 10

Leave the faces selected. Press E to select edges.

Step 11

Notice the edges of the faces are automatically selected.

Step 12

Right Click and select cut.

Step 13

Then select 2.

Step 14

Each edge has been cut into two edges. The new vertices created are automatically selected.

Step 15

Move upper vertices Y. Then move corresponding lower vertices on the Y axis.

Step 16

Select vertices. Scale uniform. The use of scale in this way can save much time!

Step 17

Do the same for the other side. The results should look similar.

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