Blender Beginner Part 07

Step 197

Press the spacebar. Add>Mesh>Cube.

Step 198

In the Editing Context add a Subsurf Modifier to level 3.

Step 199

Press S then press Z to scale the Cube on the z-axis.

Step 200

Press the Apply button in the Subsurf Modifier.

Step 201

Go to Sculpt mode.

Step 202

We will be changing this shape so that we can later use it with the Retopo tool. Change the surface of the cube.

Step 203

Add another Subsurf Modifier and apply it. Set smooth.

Step 204

Switch to the 2-Default screen.

Step 205

Add>Mesh>Plane. This will be the mesh we use to draw out a new sculpture.

Step 206

When the plane is added it will be in Edit mode and the whole object will be already selected.

Step 207

Press the delete button. Select Erase>Vertices. This will delete all of the object's vertices.

Step 208

Although it looks like the object is not there any more, it is. The object just doesn't have anything to it! As weird as this sounds the object still exists because the pink center point still exits. I zoomed in to the area to show this.

Step 209

In the Mesh Panel press the Retopo button and the Paint Button. Also select the Line button in the 3d panel.

Step 210

Draw lines as shown.

Step 211

Make a grid pattern.

Step 212

Press enter. This will turn the lines drawn into a mesh(originally the plane object).

Step 213

Go to the Object Context(F7) and the Object Buttons Sub-Context. In the Draw panel press the X-ray button. Now you can see the drawn mesh. Notice how the Retopo tool draws on the surface of the object. This can be useful in many cases. In this case it makes an interesting looking piece of paper. For more information on using the Retopo tool go here:

Step 214

Hold ctrl + n and recalculate normals outside.

Step 215

This will make the mesh display correctly for rendering.

Step 216

Move the paper away from the cube.

Step 217

Add a paper.mat material.

Step 218

Move it to layer 1.

Step 219

Resize it and move it to your liking. Save as Room09.blend